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Autumn falls

Its Autumn. Its festive time. Time for fun. But I am not happy. I am far away from family, friends. How can I enjoy the festive season in a completely foreign land ? Foreign not geographically, but linguistically and culturally. Once upon a time, I used to enjoy my festival with full enthusiasm. Terminal exams would be over. School closed. No tutorial class. So no studies. And for me festival means dressing up, roaming about the city, chatting and  eating. Now, I am far away from home, exams knocking at the door, no signs of the festive enthusiasm in this alien city. Instead  of enjoying, now I am sitting in my new residence, alone, with only two options: either I prepare for exams or I sit quietly, recollect the past and wait for the vacation to approach when I can finally see my family, my friends, my hometown after about five months. Everyone is trying to console me saying “chill”, “relax”, “to get something you need to lose something”, “success comes after sacrifice” etc. But how much ever people say, I need some time to get used to this change. I don’t know how long will it take, hope I can get over it soon. Actually, I never thought I will crave so much to go home. I thought I would get over the change very easily. But I was wrong……… very wrong……

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Durga Puja- the biggest festival of Bengalis
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Conversations maybe forgotten……. Memories keep coming back. Whenever I open my laptop, a fresh memory of my past sweeps across my eyes, my mind. Because whenever I open my laptop I get to see my wallpaper, a collage I had made few months back. It has captured all the memories of my school life. School life… The best phase of life. The school building, friends, going school on Saturdays for extra activities, our cat fights, our gossips, every memory flashes before my eyes as soon as I see the collage. 14 years…..So many memories……Sometimes it becomes hard to segregate one event from the other. Looking at the school building, I remember the vague memory of going to school for the first time with my parents for my admission test. I vaguely remember, one of the school staffs came and took all the children away from their parents to the school park. Then I remember our sister Principal ( I was admitted to a convent all-girls school) asking me questions. Then came the first day of my classes. I was waiting with my parents for the school bus. There I saw a cute, fair girl standing quietly clung to her parents’ hands. I remembered meeting her during admission test. Being a talkative, inquisitive kid, I went to her and asked her name. She was so shy that she was reluctant to answer. I, on the other hand, was so irritated at her not “bothering” to answer that I slapped. Yes, I seriously slapped her. In front of both of our parents. From that day on wards, we became closest of friends. The other pictures also have words of their own. Some talk of our fun during extra activities on Saturdays, our crazy hangouts, tuition class enjoyment, our farewell party, our festive madness, our photo-shoots………. Oh!!!! I am going out of words. Too much of flashbacks……. Going dizzy……..


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10 books that have changed/inspired me

My Facebook friends had challenged me to write the name of 10 books that have changed/influenced me. I successfully completed the challenge. I thought I should share with my blogger friends too.
So the list goes:
1. David Copperfield (Charles Dickens)- I had read this book for the first time in fifth standard. This was the first book that gave me an insight about life, the reality.

2. Love Story (Erich Segal)- I love reading romance. This is one of the reasons why.

3. Till the last breath (Durjoy Datta)- My first experience of a medical drama and it was phenomenal. This taught me that love is not all about what we see in stereotypical Bollywood romantic movies, there is something more deep-rooted

4. The Fault in our Stars (John Green)- Love has no terms and condition

5. Hold my hand ( Durjoy Datta )- Ditto as 4

6. Feluda Series (Satyajit Ray)- This series has aroused a great interest in me towards detective fictions.

7. Aporajito (Bihutibhushan Bandhopadhyay)- I am a Bengali so I should have an interest towards my native culture and great books like this one has intensified my interest.

8. A Prisoner of Birth (Jeffrey Archer)- A phenomenal thriller. Kept me grasped in its charm and suspense till the very end. A very reason for Jeffrey Archer being one of my favourite authors

9. Shobuj Deeper Raja {king of the green island} (Sunil Gangopadhyay)

10. Wings of fire ( A.P.J. Abdul Kalam )- It gave me an outlining knowledge regarding rocket science and is a great inspiration for the readers to keep struggling to reach the ultimate goal.

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My 19th Birthday

Birthday…… It happens to be the happiest day of every person’s life. For me it used to be the most precious and grandest day of my life. My birthday used to be celebrated like a festival. After all I am the only child of my parents, so obviously my dad will do this for me. I would be so excited that used to start counting days a month in advance. I would go shopping with mom on the eve of my birthday (actually my shopping would begin a fortnight in advance). I would wait till midnight for calls and messages. On the main day, there would be a small party with friends in school. In the evening all my relatives and friends would come up and celebrate my birthday. The whole day would be filled with gifts, chocolates, gossips, music and of course food. Till last year my birthday would be the best day of the year. But now……. Everything has changed. I have shifted to another city. Alone. Leaving behind my family, friends, bringing with me only those memories. This year my birthday didn’t seem like my birthday. For the first time I felt so lonely, so isolated. No mom and granny to cook my favourite dishes. No dad for me to pull his leg for again not uttering the words “Happy Birthday” to me. No friends to party hard with. Suddenly the day turned so weird. Yes, I do have new friends. But those years were different and this year is completely different. I couldn’t let go of the past. I just cried and cried. Mom and granny tried their best to console me. One of my childhood buddies tried to make me laugh and make me feel that everything is normal. Nothing had changed. But…… I couldn’ t see them. I just could hear them over the phone. Then how come nothing has changed ? I consoled myself thinking that after two months i will be visiting them. So what if it’s only for a fortnight.