Word of the Week (WOW) 25th May, 2015

Word of the Week (WOW) is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. (http://heenarathorep.com/). It’s a fun way to improve vocabulary by learning new words every week.


To pariticipate, simply do a post with your word and leave a link to it as a comment on Heena’s WOW post.

Idyllic \ ī-ˈdi-lik, chiefly British i- \adjective\

like an idyll; extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque.
“an attractive hotel in an idyllic setting”

synonyms: perfect, ideal, idealized, wonderful, blissful, halcyon, happy; heavenly, paradisal, utopian, Elysian; peaceful, picturesque, pastoral, rural, rustic, bucolic, unspoilt;
literary Arcadian, sylvan
“their idyllic times together”

antonyms: hellish

First use: 1856


1. Some say a horrible monster cast its ominous shadow over the peaceful and idyllic valley.

2. The unhappiness of others somehow besmirches their own idyllic picture.

3. After long travelling, foul weather and false starts, the picture before us is not nearly so idyllic or clear cut.

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