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URC 2015 #1 A book with love triangle

I am sooo obsessed with vampire fiction, that I started the reading challenge with one such book. And this book suited well with the aforemention criterion

Yes, The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Nightfall; the sixth book of the TVD series.

No points in guessing the love triangle, we all know it, it’s Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle. I sometimes get irritated at Elena’s “love swing” between the Salvatore brothers. But looking at the cover I can understand Elena’s dilemma; had I been given such ravishing choices to choose from even I would have been utterly confused. LOL

Jokes apart, I liked the book. It keeps me excited, i feel my passion rising whenever there is a love scene. At times, I would be scared, more because I used to read late at night, when everybody went off to sleep, in the dark. The mention of the “malachs” would creep me out; every time I used to feel the malach would jump on me.

In short, its much much better than Twilight saga. Vampire fiction is supposed to be something much more than mushy chick flicks with a flimsy female protagonist. I appreciate the character Elena, though she is an ordinary human girl, she fails to stand headstrong for her near and dear ones, she is even ready to protect her Vampire lover.

I like Caroline of the TV series than of the book series. In the book, she can be easily influenced, anybody can take advantage her, exploit her and she wouldn’t even realise. She is so desperate for men, she could sway away to anyone who would lay just a glimpse to her. That’s one point I didn’t like about the series. Other than I enjoyed reading the book.

My rating: 4/5



"Hate me now, Like me eventually, Love me later" - Damon Salvatore

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