Songaholic :-P

This year I seem to be drunk on books. One after the other I go on reading……
When I am not on books I’m found on songs.
Romantic songs…. those romantic Bollywood songs, that make you feel “fairy tale”-ish……….. I imagine myself waltz around in the rain with an imaginary partner ❤ ❤ ❤
Right now I'm high on "main hoon hero tera", by Salman Khan. Wait I'm high even on Armaan Malik's version. Same song, two singers; doesn't make much of a difference on my "high"ness.


I don’t think I ever got over the hangover of  Galliyan Banjara, in short the entire Ek Villain album


Ishq wala love remains my most favorite


When I’m traveling by a bus or car, sitting by the window seat, with cool air whipping my face, these songs become  cherries on the cake of my dreams.

Sometimes, sitting in the dark with my mobile phone or a mp3 player, all my stress, monotony vanish into thin air……..

Music can affect us….. it beautifully plays with or various moods….
Parties are incomplete without some peppy songs…
Indian weddings without songs is like sugarcane without sugar
Music can connect souls more easily than mere dialogues or actions…..


P.S. heroes sing such beautiful songs to heroines. When will somebody sing for me??? 😛 O:-)


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