I sometimes wish I was born mute. Because whenever I speak I land up hurting or offending people. Many a times, I didn’t intend to hurt people but still they were hurt. The problem is that I often fail to understand what effect some words have on people; impulsive as I am, I speak whatever comes to my mind, later I realise how terrible I … Continue reading Mute

Word of the Week (WOW) 6th October, 2015

Word of the Week is a weekly meme created by Heena Rathore P. It’s a fun way to learn new words every week. To participate just make a post with your word and leave the link as a comment to Heena’s WOW post. Astraphobia /noun/ as-truh-foh-bee-uh / 1 A morbid fear of thunder and lightning It is also known as astrapophobia, brontophobia, keraunophobia, or tonitrophobia. It is a treatable phobia that … Continue reading Word of the Week (WOW) 6th October, 2015

NajoWrimo Day #4 my door signs

Dear diary,      After today, if any body who passes by my room, would get to see this I’m a lazy drone, a spoilt kid actually. Always too lazy to keep my belongings in order. My room isn’t dirty mind you, you won’t find dead rats (not even alive ones) or rotting food or stinking clothes. I’m hygienic you see. It’s just haphazard. Clothes are … Continue reading NajoWrimo Day #4 my door signs

NajoWrimo Day #3- conversation with my mental critic

Dear diary,             Today i had a conversation with my mind, didn’t get any profound solution to my problem but still it was good have a talk Mental critic (MC): hey what’s up? Me: Don’t YOU know what’s up? Aren’t you supposed to be in my head all the time? MC: umm yes, but isn’t that what you say everytime you meet a friend? If … Continue reading NajoWrimo Day #3- conversation with my mental critic

NajoWrimo Day #2 what inspires my creativity

Dear diary,      I thought over the entry I wrote yesterday. Though I consoled myself saying that yes I’m creative by the smattering of writing skills I have, by collecting coins and stamps and by taking up some dance classes, but still I’m not convinced that I’m being fruitfully creative. why do I feel so deficit ? Is it my inferiority complex talking or is … Continue reading NajoWrimo Day #2 what inspires my creativity

NajoWrimo Day #1- creative side of me

Dear diary, I’m not half as creative as my mother, she keeps creating sometimes beautiful out of almost anything and everything. I’m just awful, I can’t stitch, only the chain style stitch I can somehow do, but it’s turns out a crude work. Even though I took art classes for around seven years, all I can somehow do is anatomy diagrams, that too out of … Continue reading NajoWrimo Day #1- creative side of me