Can I get a kilo of peace please?

I’m lacking peace in life. I left home looking for a new life and some peace of mind.

I’m still looking for some peace, I haven’t found yet.

Can anyone tell me where can I find peace?

Don’t tell me in a bottle of alcohol, it tastes awful and I don’t wanna harm my precious liver.

I desperately want some peace.

Please help me find some, a kilo of it would do!

With love,


16 thoughts on “Can I get a kilo of peace please?

  1. No way! Weed is Nirvana! Try it once and you will surely wanted it again. 😇🍁💜💜💜🍁🍁😇
    And marijuana in controlled and right amount does no harm! You can Google it. 😉


  2. Hang on in there, Priya. Don’t give in to any substances that you’ll regret later on. If being with friends doesn’t help, then the walks and solitude may succeed. Yoga helps many poeple, but I haven’t tried it myself.


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