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I wish you were there
When I felt alone
I wish you hugged me
When I was morose
I wish you you cuddled me
When I was angry
I wish you made me laugh
When I was depressed

But my wish will always remain a wish
You moved on
And I remain lovelorn

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My daddy’s  quite   weird
he’s   cranky   and   conformist
I’m  the spoilt,  mad  ,  kid
Who gets  all   wishes  fulfilled
that’s  our  weirdo  connection

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I’ve noticed that I most of the time do something or the other to embarrass myself or the people around me, mostly being the people around me. My parents think whenever I speak in public, it’s only to embarrass them or ruin their reputation in the society.
My friends get embarrassed because I speak (unknowingly) loudly or because at times I speak my heart out without thinking.
Some think I use a fake girly tone of speaking, just because I’m expressive when I speak.

Why is it when I speak, it becomes a nuisance? But if the same set of words are used by somebody, that becomes a part of some conversation?

Why do I have to face so much of injustice? Why?

Could anyone please give me an answer?


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Black heavy sky
Thunder roaring above all
Cool tiny rain drops
My dream‘s over and no rain
My joy, melted, goes down the puddle…