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Six of Crows — Book Review

After starting a book account on instagram (@pia_divergent_nerd), I keep checking out other book accounts to see what my fellow bookstagrammers are reading, which books are trending in the bookstagram circle. Six of Crows was one of the most talked about books, so I too gave it a try

Six Dangerous Outcasts, One Impossible Heist

I could feel the action in the book, pumping through me. Kaz is a brilliant strategist. His plans are always fool-proof and if the plan is in danger, he always has alternatives up his sleeves. Inej is a terrific compliment to Kaz. She amazes me — her aura is that of a shadow or the breeze — silent, untraceable but she is so strong.

I found myself in constant anticipation about what’s gonna happen in the next page. I enjoyed that feeling immensely. The mission impossible, the magical elements, the desperation, the insecurity, the ambiguity, the enmity, corruption, kept me on my toes (my brain toes actually).

Most books, irrespective of the genre and plot, there are love stories in it, romance scenes. But this book didn’t. Kaz-Inej and Matthias-Nina don’t say to each other but a lot can happen beyond words. Matthias and Nina hate each other — it’s not only personal but communal as well. But even in that hatred there’s care, there’s certain weakness. That makes the story more interesting.

But the end is making me impatient to read the Crooked Kingdom. There were two characters in the first chapter — Joost and Anya. I wonder what happened to them. I hope I get the answer in the sequel.


My Rating : 4/5



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The First Trillionaire — Book Review

The First TrillionaireThe First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha

My rating: 2 of 5 stars




P.S. I had received this book in exchange for an honest review.

The storyline sounded interesting. But where’s the sense in sidelining the main plot and filing the book with unnecessary backstories of characters who are not even important in the plot? Why would anyone be interested in the history of hired assasins or the sidekick of a gangster? What is the need in knowing how an immigrant turned into a mafia, when the main plot is supposed to circumnavigate around a village girl who becomes the world’s first trillionaire? Minimum 10 pages is dedicated to the protagonist’s maternal uncle and his NASA research ventures. I mean, seriously?

Here the protagonist is kidnapped, there’s hardly mentions of her conditions. I would rather read more pages and chapters about the protagonists rather than not so important elements

The main focus should be on the main plot and the main characters — the protagonists and the antagonists and the detailings should be to enhance the plot and not sideline the plot.
The book just tried to test my patience. I read 70% of it. And I’m just deleting the ebook from my kindle.

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