2015 had it’s own set of ups and downs… It was a year of experiments, some phases came up in my life… I took up the Ultimate Book Reading Challenge by popsugar.com. I tried so many new authors, New genres, broadened my reading IQ. (Ultimate Book Reading Challenge 2015) I went for a trek for the very first time in my life. Though I’ve got … Continue reading 2015!!

The Bangalore literature festival

In these one and a half years in Bangalore I experienced one of the most exotic experiences of my entire life, when I attended the Bangalore literature festival.   I conveniently missed the inauguration. I planned to attend the sessions of my favorite authors. First I attended the conversation of Devdutt Pattanaik, one of the most renown mythologist of India, with another author Mani Rao. … Continue reading The Bangalore literature festival


Yesterday my cousin sisters celebrated their 9th birthday (they are twins, one minute difference). This is the second time I missed their birthday. This time I had to come back for college just one week before their birthday. Wish my holiday could get extended by 7 more days. That’s why felt worse this year. I had already bought their gifts and left them with my … Continue reading Fairies

Jingle all the way

December holidays. No tickets. Can’t go home. Holidays gonna be super boring, that’s for sure. Disheartened. All of a sudden I remembered my aunt had once asked me to visit her place in Hyderabad. But……………. there had to be a problem. I can’t go alone. Daddy will never allow that. I had got no other choice but to approach my cousin. Sometimes handling cousins can … Continue reading Jingle all the way

Going Home

After about 6-7 months, I went home. I was excited. Firstly, because, obviously I will be seeing my family and friends after a long time; secondly, because, its my first experience of travelling by air. Going to the airport and boarding the flight was so fascinating. Even after staying away from home, I have been so close to home that nothing has changed. On entering … Continue reading Going Home