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The Fighter

Fight when the world is torn;
Fight when they trample you like a worm;
You’re a bird,
You’re graceful and free;
You’re an eagle,
You’re patient, you’re ferocious;
Fight when they cut your wings;
Fight to protect your kin;
You’re the nurturer;
You’re the destroyer;
You hold the seed of humanity,
And you have the power of destruction of evil.
You’re Mary;
You’re Kali;
You’re Sita;
You’re Draupadi;
You’re the fighter;
It’s YOU, my dear Woman, who rules the universe.

P.S. Published in Barefoot Sunshine magazine May-June 2017 edition 

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He, on a white horse,
Came in a black robe and mask
Swept me off my feet…

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Black heavy sky
Thunder roaring above all
Cool tiny rain drops
My dream‘s over and no rain
My joy, melted, goes down the puddle…

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The story of a poor little bird

There is a little bird

Who loves to do chirpy chirp-chirp

Loves to soar high up in the sky

Sometimes she is nervous, sometimes scared

But still she moves ahead

But she has no friends

With whom she could chirp or play hide-and-seek

No one to crack jokes with

No one to cry out worries or share deepest of secrets

Whenever she tries to make friends

They move away with least attention

She cries and cries

And no one cares to wipe off those tears

She keeps waiting and waiting and waiting

With open hands, ready to be held tight

She looks at other birds

Having great friends and companions

With a little pinch of envy

And lots of regrets and pain

Still she is alone

She is still isolated

It’s not always that one who does good

Gets the good things from life

She realised, the world is all about disappointment, disappointment