Loveboat, Taipei – Book Review

From a life bounded by rules to a summer without supervision, what happens when you taste freedom for the first time? First love, first blunder, first disappointment, first heartbreak. A fun-filled story with lots of self realization. Continue reading Loveboat, Taipei – Book Review

The Paris Mysteries Deluxe Edition – Book Review

Book– The Paris Mysteries Author – Edgar Allan Poe Publish date – 28 April, 2020 Publisher – Pushkin Press Blurb Three macabre and confounding mysteries for the first and greatest of detectives, Auguste Dupin An apartment on the rue Morgue turned into a charnel house; the corpse of a shopgirl dragged from the Seine; a high-stakes game of political blackmail – three mysteries that have … Continue reading The Paris Mysteries Deluxe Edition – Book Review