The Illusion we call Independence Day – A Poem

It’s 15th of August, Early in the morning, I got a WhatsApp text, From my best friend. Said, Happy Independence Day, bud! I got into introspection mode. What is Independence? Freedom? What is Freedom? Free to live life Are we free? Every day in every newspaper, There is an Asifa, there is a Nirbhaya, Succumbing to uncontrolled testosterone; There is a poor man, Under the … Continue reading The Illusion we call Independence Day – A Poem

Deceived — Cover Reveal

My friend Heena Rathore P. is releasing her first novel Deceived and I’m honoured to reveal the book cover on my blog. She’s a wonderful writer and has also graciously agreed to be my wrying mentor. I’m really excited for this book, I’ve been waiting from the time she started writing it. Good luck buddie! May this book be a huge success.      PUBLISHING: FEBRUARY … Continue reading Deceived — Cover Reveal


I’ve noticed that I most of the time do something or the other to embarrass myself or the people around me, mostly being the people around me. My parents think whenever I speak in public, it’s only to embarrass them or ruin their reputation in the society. My friends get embarrassed because I speak (unknowingly) loudly or because at times I speak my heart out … Continue reading Embarrassing


I sometimes wish I was born mute. Because whenever I speak I land up hurting or offending people. Many a times, I didn’t intend to hurt people but still they were hurt. The problem is that I often fail to understand what effect some words have on people; impulsive as I am, I speak whatever comes to my mind, later I realise how terrible I … Continue reading Mute


I dunno why, I’m feeling some sort of perpetual boredom….. It feels something is missing in life….. the worst part is I have no idea what. Today I feel all the more bored. I woke up in the morning with a feel of incompleteness. I blogged today like I do every Sunday. For a long time I sat quietly, listening to my favorite songs, trying … Continue reading Boredom

Goodreads Book Reading Challenge

Its only June and I have completed my Goodreads 2015 reading challenge of reading 15 books this year. I set only 15 because I thought I wouldn’t get time to read much. But I did ( *grin* ). ok, here are the books I have read since January: Nightfall (The Vampire Diaries: The Return #1) – L.J. Smith      The Vampire Diaries DC Comics #1     The … Continue reading Goodreads Book Reading Challenge

Fighting life. Fighting for life

Today I watched a video. Felt Empty And Directionless’  Deepika Padukone o…: It’s a NDTV interview where India’s one of the top actresses, Ms. Deepika Padukone talks of her fight with depression. As I listened to what she was saying, I was constantly drifting back and forth thinking about the emotional swing I go through. She says fighting depression needs a lot of support … Continue reading Fighting life. Fighting for life