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Reading Reneé Ahdieh

I have a Instagram account dedicated to books (@pia_divergent_nerd). I check other book accounts every now and then, there are some books which are quite trending on Instagram and one of them was The Wrath and The Dawn by Reneé Ahdieh. I don’t want to be left behind when it comes to books. So I decided to read it along with The Literary Dragons Book Club (a goodreads group).


First few pages took me some time to grasp. But as I got into the flow,  I went on and on. I had planned to finish it in one sitting but my dearest college wouldn’t allow me. But whenever I got a free time or if the teacher isn’t looking much at me,  I would read. The angst, the hatred, the love, the passion in all of it, kept holding to my attention. Reneé Ahdieh is a brilliant storyteller…

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The Origin of Martin Krooger — Book Review


* I had received an ARC in exchange of an honest review.* Thank you Half Baked Beans for the ARC.


In the land of Gods, the arrival of a vigilante stormed the silence. He was brutally used and harassed by Gods. His emotions and sentiments were toyed with.

The most powerful god, Agusthus, feels crippled before him. He targets everyone responsible for his state. He drains Agusthus by slaughtering his son. He exhausts Moira, daughter of Agusthus, by killing her brother before her eyes. He breaks Castle Gray, the only one capable of stopping him, by cursing his love into a cold bloodless stone. He weakens the powerful Queen Iris, Gray’s mother, and enslaves her husband. He certainly has no opponent.

However, no one targets him. He is so silent and precise that no one buys the fact that the vigilante, who was cursed and killed long ago, is somehow back. Hence, the time waits for the birth of the last hope left to save the world from the wrath of the demon. Time waits for ‘Martin Krooger’.


I was literally disappointed reading this. The book neither stands up to it’s genre nor it’s title. The title is “The Origin of Martin Krooger” but the mention of Krooger is only in the concluding chapter. The genre mentioned at the back cover is Thriller, but the tempo is too slow for it to be a thriller. To be very honest, there’s no thrill at all. Too many diversions from the main story. The author has desperately tried to make it a sci-fi, by inserting some thermodynamics concept from physical chemistry, some mentions of algorithm concept from computer science. Tries to make the Heavens and the “Gods” tech-savvy. Makes the story of creation a science experiment and says evolution is something that the “stupid” humans believe. This is acceptable to some extent. But all of a sudden, some love story pops out. Too many unnecessary charcterisations.

In short, this book is A TOTAL NO-NO for people who appreciate the REAL ESSENCE of literature.

Books like this spoil the reputation of Indian Literature.


2.5/5 (I thought of giving a 3 but I’m too pissed and disappointed)

According to one of his interviews, he confessed, he has never read a single novel. How is this possible? How can anyone become a novelist without reading a novel?? It’s like being a doctor without studying biology. Being a tree without roots.

On a positive note, the author should be applauded for attempting this genre (fantasy-thriller) for his debut book, which debutants generally avoid.

P.S. I would like to suggest the author PLEASE read a few novels. You could ask me, if you need book suggestions.

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My Bibliophilic Confession

Check out my weirdo confessions as a bibliophile 😅

I got really fascinated by Surbhi Sareen’s Confessions of a Bibliophile weekly episodes so I thought today I will present my confessions as a bibliophile.

Here we go:

  1. I have a weakness for vampires. I know they’re supposed to be blood suckers, monsters, but I find them hot, romantic, protective, poetic; just read Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Vampire Academy, you’ll know why I love Stefan, Edward and Dimitritumblr_inline_ne7u4qj6qk1r1u6b7
  2. I have cried watching films and TV shows but till now only ONE book has made me cry and i.e. Me Before You. It’s shocking right? Even I think so, my brain needs
  3. When I am reading I always place myself as the female lead of the story and I go on imagining the sceneas if it’s happening to me (I still wonder why I don’t cry!)
  4. Once my friend had asked me, “Don’t you have sexual or romantic desires?” I…

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My love life with book boyfriends

My first article as an intern of Kaffeinated Konversations. Very happy!! 😊😊😊

Nowadays dating is a fashion. Love, betrayal, patch-ups, breakups is a common phenomenon for every teenager and young adult.

But I’m one of a kind… I’m 21 and I had no breakups, no betrayals, no melodrama. Because my boyfriends are quite low maintenance… Relationships with book boyfriends are picture perfect…

My dates are either in my bedroom, or in one end of my classroom. I go on drives, and flight trips. Only gifts exchanged are happiness, love and incessant bliss…


Every day is a Valentine’s Day with the ever poetic Stefan, reliving Keats all over again. Being in a crammed room with him also feels like walking down the street of Paris…

Posing for Lucas drawing my sketch, feels like I am the luckiest girl in the world…

Breezing through the woods with Edward, I get a new pair of wings…

I would always be a damsel in…

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A short story

This morning I woke up to a loud, piteous wailing. I rushed to the window to see that a man was beating up a dog in the parking lot of our apartment complex. I went running to the spot. The ochre body of the dog was stained red with blood. He was limping by his left hind limb. Furious by the man’s conduct, I pushed him aside and picked up Po, the neighborhood’s adopted watch dog. I wanted to sue the man. But I decided to control my fury and carry Po to the nearest NGO that worked for animal rights.

A tall, slender man with wheatish complexion emerged from his office. Without wasting a moment, he took Po from my arms and carried him to the in-house treatment centre. He himself turned out to be the vet. He worked with rapt attention – it seemed the world around him was non-existent, other than his patient. His hazel eyes was full of compassion, care and warmth.

Only after he could successfully relieve Po of his pain, did the vet speak to me. “What had happened? Did he meet with an accident?”, he asked. “No, he was beaten up by one of the residents of our apartment complex. Po, here, happens to be the watch-dog of the complex. Do you know why? Just because the poor soul had peed on his car tyres.” I replied, irritated on reminiscing the recent. “That’s the problem with us humans. We’ve become so self-centered that we think of no one except ourselves. This man needs to be punished.” “But will the police even lodge an FIR for beating a dog?” “They may not pay heed to us but they will have to pay heed to the Central Animal Welfare Organisation”.

He immediately made a complaint to the organisation and within a week, appropriate action was taken. The other residents who had witnessed the event and I gave our statements against the guilty and he was made to pay 250$ penalty to the organisation and 150$ to the NGO as a payment for Po’s treatment.

Yes, among us narcissist humans there do exist compassionate, selfless beings who know how to love and care for nature’s gifts like the animals who too like us are the residents of the Earth.

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Kapoor & sons

Last Saturday, after getting completely irritated and frustrated by practical exams, I went for a movie with my mother. Hindi film– “Kapoor & sons (since 1921)”. I basically went to drool over Sidharth Malhotra (one of the central characters), but I had a different experience all together.


Generally Bollywood films deviate from reality to make it feel-good or dramatic. But this film is quite realistic. Minimal cliche. The story circumnavigates around the Kapoor family as the name suggests. The members have a bitter-sweet relationship with each other. It’s not like those Sooraj Barjatya movies- “The family that prays together, eats together, stays together”. No one’s perfect in the Kapoor family, everyone have their own set of flaws, secrets. The parents (played by Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah) fight at every issue, then they attempt to reconcile. The brothers (played by Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan) fight then share a joint. The sweetest member happens to be the senior most Kapoor, the 90-year old Dadu (played by Rishi Kapoor). He’s tech-savvy, his “i-papad” happens to be his most priced possession, why? Cause he gets to see Mandakini’s videos and “rangeen” movies!!


Time and again I could connect with myself and my family. The misunderstandings, the daily fights, the fuss over food, the reminiscing time, the party time.

I got to realise some of my follies watching the characters doing the same. There’s one see scene when Tia (played by Alia Bhatt), the younger Kapoor brother’s (played by Sidharth Malhotra) girlfriend, said, that she was so angry at her parents for not being with her on birthday, that she said, “Why do you need to come back?stay in Canada itself” That was the last time she spoke to her parents, their flight crashed and they never returned. That time I realised even I’ve told something like that to my parents quite often. At that point of time, I shed some tears. Now how much every I’m angry I try not to say that again to them and I pray to God not  to punish me that way.

I also realised that family is about forgiving and moving on. Everyone makes mistakes, if we keep holding on to them, the family won’t remain one and we won’t be at peace.

I was entangled in a rift with my family during that period of time. I wanted a break but this movie didn’t give me that break but at least made me realise certain things about family. I’m trying to forgive and move on.

As mentioned before, the striking factor of the film was lack of stereotypes. There was no dreamy song sequence and no stereotypical characters. For instance, the film’s set in Tamil Nadu but there wasn’t any cliched South Indian character. Homosexuality was  portrayed as if it’s quite normal, like it actually is in reality, without any over-the-top mannerisms in the character. It’s nice.

Thanks to the makers and the cast for this flim. Well done 👍.

P.S. I cried a lot during this film.. A lot. The second time, I cried for more than 10 minutes (first time being while watching Neerja)

P.P.S. I think it’s better to go with friends rather than parents, as far as the full dose of double meanings are concerned in the first half of the film, I was so embarrassed having mom beside me. LOL 😅. Thank God she didn’t make a fuss about it.

With love,

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How I landed up in Bangalore

I was in 9th standard when I came across a subject called Biotechnology. An introduction to it was given in our Environmental Science textbook. The subject seemed interesting. Also, in our biology syllabus we had a chapter on genetics. I had fallen in love with genetics. Until then I had made a decision of opting out science in my (10+1) and (+2) classes. But after my exposure to biotechnology and genetics, I had made up my mind to take up life science after 10th grade.

In 11th grade I took up biotechnology as my 4th subject instead of biology, an unconventional choice. Among Indians, career in science meant either engineering or medicals- 2 of my cousins are engineering students (1 of them recently graduated) and 1 cousin is in medicals. I always want to the unique one, following the convention is not my style. Moreover the subject is quite interesting. I was determined to study Biotechnology major in college. Then I realised, majority of the colleges in my city and my state as a whole do not offer undergrad Biotechnology major course. That’s where my dilemma begins. To fulfil my dream, I had to leave home. Now, Bangalore is considered an educational hub in India. Most science students migrate there for higher studies.

Bangalore is around 1900 kilometers away from my hometown Siliguri; it takes approximately 46 hours by train and 4 hours by flight. When my father learned that there are no colleges offering my subject in whole of West Bengal (my native state) and that I wished to shift to Bangalore, it scared the shit out of him. He was adamant about not allowing me. He became even more adamant when most of my relatives were also not in support of my choice.

During the last few months of my 12th grade, almost daily I would argue with my dad. I would lock myself in my room and cry when I saw no hope. Mom, my maternal grandparents and my maternal uncle were on my side.

When she realised that matters are getting worse between dad and me, mom called one of my paternal cousin-aunts who is settled in Bangalore. She successfully persuaded auntie to be my local guardian. It was auntie who actually persuaded dad to allow me go by taking my responsibly and accommodating me at her place.

Then came the dilemma, which college would take me? I performance was really throughout 11th and 12th grade. I was called for interview by two colleges – Christ University and St. Joseph’s College. My parents didn’t allow me to go for Christ interview cause they felt the institute is too extravagant for us. But I somehow managed to reach for Joseph’s interview.

I had applied for St. Joseph’s College in March 2014, right after my board exams got over. On 21st May, I received a mail saying, I was to appear before the authorities within 7 days for my interview. That year the announcement of CBSE board results got delayed. Other boards had already announced. I thought they would ask for the marks card at the interview. What to do? I called the college office. The staff said I was to produce my 10th and 11th grade marks card. I was like “I’m doomed”. 10th grade was peace but 11th grade was screwed up badly. From 87.4% in 10th to 55% in 11th grade. I was of the notion that the interviewers would torture me with questions and at the end would reject me. Still I thought of giving it a try. The other big hurdle was getting a train ticket. May-June was the vacation time. Most schools and colleges shut down for summer. Also there are students like me running to places for admission. My dad somehow managed to get tatkal tickets for 24th May,2014.

The 46 hour journey was an awful experience. We got sleeper class tickets. The compartment was dirty, stinky and overcrowded. I avoided eating so that the risk of indigestion or food poisoning is reduced, and drank as little water as possible so that I didn’t have to go anywhere near the dirty, filthy toilet. My dad was unhappy to see my condition; upset, he couldn’t afford flight tickets.

At last we reached Bangalore. The place seemed peculiar to me. Peculiar because neither could I read the letters nor could I apprehend the speech of the natives of this city. Thankfully, auntie had come to receive us. On reaching her place, I straightaway rush to the bathroom. Had a nice soak under the shower. Then what next? I call at the college office regarding the interview, the staff said I could go right then. I told I had just reached so it would take me some time. So she told me to come after 2 pm. We hurried with our lunch and rushed to the college. Thank God, there wasn’t a queue. The guard ushered us for the first round interview which was taken by Dr. Ronald Mascarenhas, professor of Chemistry. He didn’t ask me any question, he simply explained the rules and regulations and the marking and credits systems of curriculum. My father doesn’t know English so he spoke to him and explained him in Hindi. He didn’t look into my marks card. Phew!
Then we were sent to the Principal’s office for the actual interview. I was dead scared. But Fr. Praveen Martis wasn’t scary at all. He too told me about certain rules and then checked just browsed through my documents. He just said, it’s quite good enough, and that he believed I could improve. I was surprised. He’s quite an encouraging man. He too spoke to my dad in Hindi after realising he can’t understand English. He’s quite a gentleman. And he signed my form. Admission granted!!!

Everyone in the family was happy, St. Joseph’s College happens to be a prestigious institute after all. My parents asked me whether I would join that college or apply to others as well. But my instinct told me to go for it. So we paid the fees the next day itself, without delay (dad actually wanted time for me to take a decision). On 27th of May, I officially got admitted to SJC with triple majors in Chemistry, zoology and Biotechnology (CZBT).

On 28th May, the board results were announced. My instincts saved me. Had I not taken admission there, I would have had to go back to Siliguri. No other college would have taken me. I screwed my 12th grade really bad – one of the lowest in my friends circle. A freaking 70%.
I’m thankful to SJC for trusting me that I could anytime improve.

This is how I flew from Siliguri and landed up in Bangalore.

You have never acknowledged my existence, nor I yours. But you are a circus act all of your own and I cannot help but be your audience.

          – “The year I met you” by Cecelia Ahern

Someday I will have a best friend all my own. One I can tell my secrets to. One who will understand my jokes without my having to explain them. Until then I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor

                 The House on Mango Street – Sandra Cisneros

Waiting for somebody