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Going Home

After about 6-7 months, I went home. I was excited. Firstly, because, obviously I will be seeing my family and friends after a long time; secondly, because, its my first experience of travelling by air. Going to the airport and boarding the flight was so fascinating.

Even after staying away from home, I have been so close to home that nothing has changed. On entering the airport after the flight landed, I saw my parents. Daddy seemed slimmer. Mom, the same.¬†I thought my home town would seem new to me. But everything seemed the same. I found no changes at all. Still I was excited to see my town, my family, my friends and everyone close to me. Just after leaving the airport, daddy to took me to the nearest mall to get me new clothes for the festival (festive enjoyment has begun ūüôā ). Then I went to meet my maternal grandparents. Spent some quality time with them then went off to my paternal aunt’s place to burst crackers ( diwali without crackers is just incomplete for me). At last i entered home only to go out again after dinner. My parents, granny, cousin and I went for “pandal-hopping” at midnight (I missed this thing so much during Durga Puja).

So that was my first day at my home town. Next Day was Bhai Tika. I was given a surprise by my aunt with an arrangement for the ceremony with my little cousin brother ready to be treated like a VIP ( there isn’t a ritual in my family to do this ceremony though we enjoy the holiday that we get, so I wasn’t ready for it). So, unprepared, I completed the ritual. After lunch, I went with my relatives for a long drive Kurseong (its a hill station; my home town Siliguri is on the foothills, so the hills are just few hours away). O God !!!! what roads they were. At some point I felt really scared, they were so narrow and steep !!!! It was late evening when we returned. Tired, I straight away went off to bed and my 2nd day came to an end.

Next day my whole family, we went to another place called Kalimpong. Don’t know about others but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

This is the detailed account of the first three days of my vacation. The remaining days were spent roaming about the city, meeting old friends, visiting both my schools, shopping, going for movie. Yes, I again had arguments with Dad. Its so envitable ūüėÄ .

The day I was coming back to Bangalore, I did’nt want to leave home. Suddenly I felt a strong affinity towards home. Few months back I was dying to leave, to be on my own. But at that time I wanted to stay back. I felt I should have listened to Daddy and not shifted to Bangalore. Now that I have taken the decision, I have no choice but to wait for another six months…………………..

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Autumn falls

Its Autumn. Its festive time. Time for fun. But I am not happy. I am far away from family, friends. How can I enjoy the festive season in a completely foreign land ? Foreign not geographically, but linguistically and culturally. Once upon a time, I used to enjoy my festival with full enthusiasm. Terminal exams would be over. School closed. No tutorial class. So no studies. And for me festival means dressing up, roaming about the city, chatting and¬† eating. Now, I am far away from home, exams knocking at the door, no signs of the festive enthusiasm in this alien city. Instead ¬†of enjoying, now I am sitting in my new residence, alone, with only two options: either I prepare for exams or I sit quietly, recollect the past and wait for the vacation to approach when I can finally see my family, my friends, my hometown after about five months. Everyone is trying to console me saying “chill”, “relax”, “to get something you need to lose something”, “success comes after sacrifice” etc. But how much ever people say, I need some time to get used to this change. I don’t know how long will it take, hope I can get over it soon. Actually, I never thought I will crave so much to go home. I thought I would get over the change very easily. But I was wrong……… very wrong……

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Durga Puja- the biggest festival of Bengalis
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My 19th Birthday

Birthday…… It happens to be the happiest day of every person’s life. For me it used to be the most precious and grandest day of my life. My birthday used to be celebrated like a festival. After all I am the only child of my parents, so obviously my dad will do this for me. I would be so excited that used to start counting days a month in advance. I would go shopping with mom on the eve of my birthday (actually my shopping would begin a fortnight in advance). I would wait till midnight for calls and messages. On the main day, there would be a small party with friends in school. In the evening all my relatives and friends would come up and celebrate my birthday. The whole day would be filled with gifts, chocolates, gossips, music and of course food. Till last year my birthday would be the best day of the year. But now……. Everything has changed. I have shifted to another city. Alone. Leaving behind my family, friends, bringing with me only those memories. This year my birthday didn’t seem like my birthday. For the first time I felt so lonely, so isolated. No mom and granny to cook my favourite dishes. No dad for me to pull his leg for again not uttering the words “Happy Birthday” to me. No friends to party hard with. Suddenly the day turned so weird. Yes, I do have new friends. But those years were different and this year is completely different. I couldn’t let go of the past. I just cried and cried. Mom and granny tried their best to console me. One of my childhood buddies tried to make me laugh and make me feel that everything is normal. Nothing had changed. But…… I couldn’ t see them. I just could hear them over the phone. Then how come nothing has changed ? I consoled myself thinking that after two months i will be visiting them. So what if it’s only for a fortnight.