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A Tale of two cities

At the end of every six months, after my semester exams are done, I fly homewards for a 20-day (end of odd semester) or 45-day (end of even semester) break. I fly from Bangalore to Siliguri which takes 4 hours. Around 1900 kilometers journey.
Just yesterday I returned from my 21 day vacation.
Tomorrow 4th semester begins.
New semester, New phase of life.
Got to spend six months before I see home.

The Garden City- Bangalore
Yay!!!! That's my home town Siliguri

A Tale of Two Cities

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Writing 101 #3 One – Word Inspiration


Home is where I can be myself;
where I can talk loudly and no one to complain;
where I can be sad, happy, angry, depressed, irritated but I’ll never be alone;
where I’m loved more than anyone else;
where all my wishes and demands get fulfilled;

Home is where my mom is
Home is where my dad is
Home is where everyone I love are
Home is where I learned to live
Home is where I learned to love
Home is where I sowed the seeds of my dreams and ambitions
Home is where I made up
Home is where I broke down

Home is my beginning
  Home is my end