Such a Fun Age – Book Review

A thought-provoking book that explores how social media decides our image to the world. How an obsession can cloud one’s rationality. How colour is used as a character certificate. Read on to know more about this piece of literature. Continue reading Such a Fun Age – Book Review

The Paris Mysteries Deluxe Edition – Book Review

Book– The Paris Mysteries Author – Edgar Allan Poe Publish date – 28 April, 2020 Publisher – Pushkin Press Blurb Three macabre and confounding mysteries for the first and greatest of detectives, Auguste Dupin An apartment on the rue Morgue turned into a charnel house; the corpse of a shopgirl dragged from the Seine; a high-stakes game of political blackmail – three mysteries that have … Continue reading The Paris Mysteries Deluxe Edition – Book Review

Twisted – Book Review

About the book Title: Twisted Author: Steve Cavanaugh Publisher: Orion Publishing Group Date published: 4 April, 2019 Review J.T LeBeau is world’s most successful thriller author. Whatever he writes is relished by the readers across the world. But no one knows who JT LeBeau is. At least, no one alive knows about the real identity of the author. He prefers it that way and will … Continue reading Twisted – Book Review

The Floating Feldman – Book Review

About the Book Title: The Floating Feldmans Author: Elyssa Frieland Publisher: Berkley Date published : 23 July, 2019 Review The Feldman matriarch Annette Feldman is turning 70 and it is her wish to have her family around to celebrate her milestone birthday. Her dysfunctional family, consisting of her son, daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren, would rather be elsewhere than spend time with her and her … Continue reading The Floating Feldman – Book Review